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Meet the team, Pt 2

by on May 20, 2010

Team photos are trickling in, so it’s time to make some more introductions.  This is Eric and Carolyn. Elise has known their beautiful family since she was a child. What do they say about themselves?

Eric and Carolyn

Eric – I’m a Jesus-follower, husband, father of 3 adult children, and retired environmental engineer.

Likes: reading, travel, indie pop music, computers, UK & Europe, the universe; Interested in: people, apologetics, the emerging church movement, building the kingdom, community service.

Carolyn – I first followed Jesus at 16 through friends at high school. At the same age I began a lifetime of teaching people younger than myself – at school, sunday school, beach mission and Scripture. Eric and I married in 1967. Since then, the Holy Spirit has led us into urban mission,  working with a number of churches throughout Sydney over 43 years. Life is busy and my big question is “Will I ever get time to finish my japanese patchwork quilt before I go to be with the Lord?”


We’re very excited about the enthusiasm, experience and maturity Eric and Carolyn bring to our mission team. Thanks Lord Jesus! You can meet them at our next Info and Prayer  arvo.

You can ask them a question about themselves here in the comments box.

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