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Seven things I’ve got going for me as a church-planter

by on May 27, 2010

I reckon I must be the best equipped church planter in Sydney …………..

Check out  my credentials! I’ve got: ….

1. The power of God that brings salvation: the gospel of Jesus.

2. A great wife, Elise, who is a true partner with me in this whole thing.

3. An inspiring rector who has the same vision we do for multi-ethnic mission and multi-ethnic church. He’s more enthusiastic about our plans than we are, even!

4. A beautiful congregation at St Paul’s Canterbury, our base, to partner with. It may be small, but people there love Jesus and they aren’t afraid to say so,  they are excited about reading their Bibles, and they pray. They pray! So looking forward to working alongside these guys.

5. Half of an awesome mission team, people who are seriously keen about the mission, and want to bring the love of Christ to the people of Canterbury. These guys are taking serious ownership of the mission already! Can’t wait to get started churching and missioning with this team. Just looking for the other half, that God hasn’t sent yet!

6. A co-worker I trust: Christian. If he wasn’t coming to our church, I would go to his church.  Cannot express how stoked I am to have him with us.

7. The Holy Spirit, bringing the power and presence of Christ into our little lives and hopes, and leading us forward with confidence even though we are so frail. The Spirit turns all our feelings of inadequacy on their head!

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  1. Jacqueline Lee permalink

    I pray that the team will be complete and overflowing by the end of July.

  2. We value your prayers, Jacqui.

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