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Meet the Team, pt 3

by on June 1, 2010

My great pleasure to introduce Christian, one of the most gracious and encouraging people you’re ever likely to meet. What does he have to say for himself?

I grew up in Cambridge in the UK, not realising at the time what God had lavished upon me: the most beautiful hometown in the world(!) and parents who loved me, taught me about my Saviour, and prayed for me every day. (Then they repeated the trick with another six siblings – I’m the oldest of seven).

We all migrated to Sydney when I was 16. And then at Sydney Uni, God began to open my mind to how much authority he’d given Jesus over all creation.  So after a two-year stint as a banker (which thinking about my set of abilities, was like giving a thirteen year old the keys to a BMW), I decided to do some university Christian ministry, and then enrolled to study the Bible at Moore College.

I love seeing God’s people being faithful to the Scriptures and led by his Spirit – and wonder at all the creative possibilities for holy living which stretch out before us (even in this age!) But as for joining a cross-cultural, multi-ethnic church plant, I would never have envisaged it. Or not until I visited Bangladesh. That happened at the start of this year, and if you want to find out more, please ask me!

I suffer from colour blindness, have no internal sense of direction, and am very vague with details. And that’s before I get to all my stubborn sins! But I love listening to people (and music), playing soccer, and strumming on my guitar. And reading stories to kids!  And yes I do sometimes get called Hans…but prefer Christian or ‘Ando’.

Christian eating goat curry…and loving it

I didn’t know we could call him Hans! – ed.

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  1. elisemrsplanter permalink

    Dear Ando, Happy Birthday, It’s great you like reading us stories, we like it too.
    Your birthday is funny because if you minus your birthday age numbers from each other you get your birthday date in June and Asher’s is the opposite because if you plus his birthday date in June numbers together you you get how old he will be!
    Love Stephanie, Asher, Emma, Jonathan and Elise.

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