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Church-planting as a student – by the numbers

by on June 5, 2010

1 birthday party

1 time I got to cuddle a baby (little Ezra) – one of my favourite things!

1 important meeting I forgot to attend

1 lecture I received on ‘Why church planting hurts the Diocese’

1 meeting with my rector – happy time of fellowship and prayer (even a hug!)

1 presentation, trying to persuade Moore 4th year students to go out and care for the poor

1 lot of critique of my presentation

1 sermon preached at college, on ‘Unless a seed falls into the ground and dies…’ (John 12)

1 prayer/info afternoon to organise

1 heart-warming prayer triplet

1 extremely patient wife

2 friends over for dinner

3 assignments

3 all-nighters to get them done (for me all-nighter = bed after 4 am)

(1 – grumpy argument at college after third all-nighter)

3 attempts at a birthday lunch for some college mates (third time lucky!)

3 upset stomachs after I cooked on Sunday night

4 massages of wife’s shoulders (standard headache treatment at our house)

4 times during the week I happily thought about how Yahweh was an advocate for Josaiah against his accuser (Zechariah 3) – God is for us!

5 conversations with people about joining the mission team

(O –  people who joined the team!)

5 days home off school for sick daughter

6 vomits from sick daughter (mostly middle-of-the-night)

7 times I fell asleep not in bed

8 times I forgot what I had gone to the kitchen to get

9 times Christian was more optimistic about something than I was

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One Comment
  1. Chris permalink

    Phew what a week! yay Ezra made it onto his first blog!!

    Pretty good effort doing 3 alnighters….I would’ve given up after 1

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