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A new phase for the Canterbury mission

by on July 27, 2010

We had a great team meeting Sunday. Ten out of eleven members were there. Christian led us in a discussion of Philippians 4 which was quite inspiring, about the relational effects of giving money for ministry. This was a relevant topic for us on  the day.

We did a stocktake and concluded that:

1. We have a lot more man-power for mission on the team than we expected in our start-up team. A great blessing.

2. We have a lot less money than we expected for our start-up mission. A small difficulty.

Given the number of incomes in our team, I was struck by the large amount the team members indicated they are willing to give, weekly. They will be punching seriously above their weight – an indication of their commitment to this cause, and to Christ. Still, we need some help in this area of finances.

We decided that:

a) we will go ahead with mission plans for Canterbury. We believe the Lord is at work in this, and that now is the right time for mission to Canterbury.

b) we will seek partners who would like to support our team members for the mission in Canterbury.

We will still not seek funding from just anywhere, but rather all our team members will seek to involve  friends and churches in partnership with us for this church plant by giving money and taking an interest more generally. In other words we need to broaden the team to include supporters who can’t come but would love to be involved through prayer, giving and promoting the cause in other ways.

So if you’re friends with someone on the team, you might get an invite soon.

I think these are good decisions. I think we’ve got the right team. I’m quite excited about the possibilities for mutual blessing this wider network of mission partnerships might bring to all involved.

It’s good to be going ahead with this vision for missional church planting. I’m looking forward to the second half of the year. I’ve told the team my prediction that money won’t be hard to find. We know a lot of generous Christian people and churches. Besides, if the Lord can send us people, much easier for him to send money! We trust in his faithfulness, and believe that much can be accomplished through prayer.

Would you join us in praying that God will provide for us as we pursue this direction?

Thank God for his people!

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