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Meet the team Pt 5

by on July 31, 2010

We’re stoked to introduce Nicole Knight, our newest team member. Let’s ask Nicole some questions:



Where do you come from, Nicole?

I have grown up in Sydney and I love it! I thank God for it’s beauty and variety. When holidays come I do still enjoy getting away, though…

Where do you like to go?

My most recent holiday can be seen in the photo above, taken while spending a week on a farm in Gundagai. To muster cattle and see rams shawn was a real change from my average week.

What do you do during the week?

Currently I’m studying and living at Moore Theological College in Newtown. I’m in 2nd year. College has been a wonderful time to know more of our generous Saviour and Lord.

What gets you up in the morning?

I particularly enjoy getting to learn alongside others at College, and seeing the different gifts God has given his people. I am excited to see this further through being involved in the Canterbury plant.

What attracted you to mission in Canterbury?

I’m looking forward to working alongside a great team, to loving people in Canterbury and to sharing Jesus with them. I anticipate that God will open my eyes to see more deeply his care for people and the reality of his kingdom growing among all nations.

We’re very pleased to have you with us, Nicole. Welcome to the Canterbury team!

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  1. elise permalink

    Welcome Nicole! Looking forward to being fellow workers in Canterbury.
    Love Elise

  2. Christian permalink

    Go Nicole! Very cool to have you on board.
    I think if you can thrive at Newtown Mission…(and Gundagai!)…then it’ll be great to see how God uses you at Canterbury

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