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Meet the Team – Pt 6

by on September 10, 2010

Very pleased to introduce to you our two newest team members, Magnus and Belinda. Bringing a bit of youthful enthusiasm to the team! Let’s find out about them…

Hi I’m Magnus. I’m 25. I was born in Sweden but have lived in the Southern Sydney for most of my life. I come from a non christian family, but found Jesus in early High school through the youth ministry of Gymea Anglican. I attended Gymea Anglican from then until recently, when Bel & I got married in March. Now we want to join something together. I’m currently a 1st year electrical apprentice following a few years working for my dad’s printing company, and have completed a IT degree. I have a love for photography, and work in this part time also. My other passions include reading Christian books, camping and adventuring in the outdoors.

HI I am Bel, 22 yrs old. I am currently studying post grad dentistry at Sydney uni, and work part time in a restaurant. I’ve been friends with Carolyn and Eric for years, through School and my old church, Menai Anglican. We have both been a part of our home church based at my families home, which we attend on a Monday night together. I’ve been blessed to grow up in a Christian home. I absolutely love to garden and cook. I also like adventuring, bush walks, sport and painting.

Wow, you guys definitely need your own adventure TV show. (Hopefully Kerry Stokes is following our blog…)

So anyway, what inspired you to do something as crazy as joining a cross-cultural missional church plant?

The Lord put Canterbury Church plant on our hearts a couple of months ago, especially as our Home church was doing Pipers book, “Don’t waste your life.” Being recently married, we feel that this is something that we can be active in and passionate about together,

Thanks John, the cheque’s in the mail.

What are you guys looking forward to in this venture?

We are definitely drawn to the focus on forming relationships with the community of Canterbury. The ideas like tutoring, a community garden, visiting the lonely and the elderly, and community events are things that we are really excited to see happen in Canterbury.

We’re chuffed to have you guys on the team. Welcome to Canterbury!

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  1. Lisa H permalink

    Welcome guys! So exciting to have you on the team. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  2. Chris permalink

    Nice one!!

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