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First Sunday!

by on February 12, 2011

Well, after two years of dreaming and praying and planning and preparing, we had our first Sunday together as a church last Sunday. It was pretty special for us. Ando was just back from Bangladesh, and not feeling the best, another team member was sick, and another was in an ocean race! So not a very impressive start – but then we’re not a very impressive bunch!

At our morning team meeting, Christian introduced us to the art of Bible story telling. He’s been using it to train evangelists in Bangladesh. It’s pretty cool, you should see it. Some planning time was spent talking over the shape of our week as a church, when we’ll do what and why, etc. We still haven’t come up with a name for the church!

Much of the day was unstructured, giving the team a chance to explore the area, meet people and find ways to get involved in the community. Several hours were spent out and about, it was a good start. After all the talk about mission, it’s pretty good actually having our first contact with people here.

Our place is functioning as a base for the team to hang out, have lunch, take a break, or whatever.

Our afternoon gathering was a beautiful time. We met up the back of the old church building at St Pauls. Ando led us in some songs and prayers, and we read some Scriptures together. I taught the gospel from Luke’s version, the start of a series in Luke. We’re trying to use Ando’s story telling method for our Bible readings – not very good at it yet!

I’m pretty excited about these talks from Luke, actually. This series is going to cast our vision for mission in Canterbury. Luke is ready to open our eyes to God’s purposes for gospel ministry to the nations, and help us get on board with His mission to all peoples, wherever they live  – even here! As Luke opens up for us the beating heart of God, we hope our hearts might learn to beat in time with His.

First talk: Luke 1:1-25

To hear this talk, click here.


btw We love to welcome visitors at our afternoon gathering. Come and visit us!

4.30 pm each Sunday, St Paul’s Canterbury, Church St Canterbury.

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  1. Paul Roberts permalink

    A BIG congratulations for your work

    • Thanks Paul! We’re just happy to be here.

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