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One week in…

by on February 22, 2011

Christian bonds with some junior team members

Our second week together was a joy. At our prayer meeting on Thursday night we prayed for people we’d already met in the area, and for Ando to find a home in Canterbury.

On Sunday we continued learning how to tell Bible stories dramatically – a mission practice Ando has learnt with his Bangladesh mission team in recent years.

We checked out the local oval, to see who hung out there on a Sunday. The soccer was good, but it was just us! Not many people there. At the moment we’re doing a lot of that kind of research, just hanging out somewhere to see if it’s a live place on a Sunday. It’s slow going.

In our afternoon gathering, we heard Elise tell us the story of her life in ten minutes (!), and also Luke telling us the story of Jesus’ mother Mary, the girl from the tail-end of the world: Nazareth in Galilee. God honours the poor and despised, and topples the mighty, in Luke’s gospel – that’s what Mary sings about.

We hung out at the pub for dinner, but once again, few people there. Bit of a theme – we’re going to need to work hard to find where everyone is on a Sunday. Not in church, we know that!

Team members hit the streets of Canterbury at last!

I have made friends with two young guys up the road, Greek and Italian, twenty somethings. They are both religious, and even suggested they might come to our bible study! I think I’d rather invite them to a BBQ at this stage, let them meet the team etc. So I’ll need to buy a BBQ. I’ve started saving!

So this is what mission in Canterbury is like so far – looking for ways in, for points of contact. It’s great to be here!

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  1. I hope God connects these guys into your community! And all the best finding a BBQ 🙂

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