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Week 4 – Things start to slide

by on March 4, 2011

For me one of the highlights of this week was the prayer meeting on Thursday. The talk the previous Sunday (sadly now lost due to a corupted file!) was about the church as a prophetic community annointed by the Spirit. And that was how it felt to me, sitting with my brothers and sisters as we poured out our praises and the desires of our hearts to God our Father. It seemed we had more to pray about than we had time for – I let it run late, but when I wound it up, I felt we could have gone on. Prayer meetings aren’t often like that (including ours!).

Sunday the team had a ripper of a story-telling session with Ando, looking at the lamb taking the scroll from the hand of God, in Revelation 5. We thought about the dramatic ‘pressure points’ in the story, and how to bring them out in story telling. Good stuff.

We had a predictably lengthy discussion about what to call ourselves. No clarity yet, but lots of thoughts. Good starting point. Hopefully make a decision this week.

Another highlight was Ando’s new flatmate Ugo coming for lunch. We had a few hours to get to know him – he’s a bit larger than life actually! Really nice guy.

In the afternoon we put on a water slide in the park for a few of the local kids (including some big kids on the team!). We had a good chat to one dad, and a bit of a chat to some passers-by. Wasn’t exactly a magnet drawing in all the local kids. It’s hard to find many in one place actually. We’re just trying different things each week. And having a lot of fun doing it. Next week, Clean Up Australia (or at least Canterbury).

At our Sunday arvo gathering, we were very pleased to welcome three visitors, including Ando’s folks! It’s such a great way to finish the day – praising God together and feasting on Christ in the gospel. We looked at God’s choice of reception party for his King at his birth – a bunch of despised shepherds (Luke 2:1-20). We saw the before and after contrast for the shepherds, from a wretched life in the darkness to returning full of joy and praises to God, because they knew the Messiah. The gospel really does bring blessing to the poor and the needy – it’s the thing they most need.

We love visitors at our gatherings. We meet at 4.30 at St Pauls Canterbury, if you’d ever like to come along.

We’re loving it here in Canterbury, just very glad to be here, and to be following Jesus.


  • Guidance and wisdom in our choice of community connection activities.
  • A growing sense of unity and love in the team
  • Permission to do a free coffee stall at the railway station

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