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An extraordinary mission opportunity

by on March 17, 2011

Here are the facts about what God has done recently in Sydney:

  • over half a million people arrived in Sydney the past generation
  • they’ve come from over one hundred different nations in the world
  • they’re almost all learning our language and getting to know our Australian culture
  • many feel rootless, since they’ve left their own place and don’t feel well accepted here

Why has God done this?

We think God’s intention is clear. He has created a wide open world mission situation in Sydney, with all the cultures but only a fraction of the language and cultural difficulties. This has got to be the best opportunity for world mission seen anywhere in centuries.

And it’s happening here in Sydney now.

Now is the best time we’ve ever known for Sydney’s Christians to reach the nations of the world. It’s almost too good to be true. So much of the work has already been done for us! God has brought these precious people nine tenths of the way to us – we’ve just got to go the last tenth, and we’ve reached them!

The need is great. If only someone was able to bridge cultural divides and unite people of every nation and tribe into one diverse family, give them a loving community to belong to, where they could be cared for and bring blessing to each other under one God.

Hang on, we know someone who can do that, don’t we?

The need for Jesus has never been more apparent.  The doors are wide, wide open in the Georges River region.

If only we had evangelical Christians willing to drive down the road to where they live, we could reach them.

If only we had people who were willing to give themselves sacrificially to Sydney’s new-comers, to bring Jesus to them…

(We’ve got lots of Christians in Sydney. Where are they?)

If only we had mission cells on the ground where these people live, which could provide Sydney’s Christians with a structure for effective team mission. If only someone could make it easy for Christians with a heart for mission to come and get involved.

Hang on…

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