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Drinking beer for Jesus…

by on March 18, 2011

I met a friend from college last night who told me he was enjoying the blog, and praying for us. I hadn’t realised he was. You’ve no idea how encouraging that is for us. We tend to think that  when missios ask for contact, prayer and money, that it’s really the money they care about. But I can tell you moral support means alot to us: morale and encouragement is key in any mission work.

Our insiders in the school community

So much is happening in a week now, it’s too much to report on it all.

The public school is proving to be a very effective way for us to get into the community. We have two little missioners on the inside there, plus one assistant.  We meet new parents every week, some of them live right near us, we have kids over for playdates, and our kids go to their places. I went to the P and C meeting last week. Elise helps with reading in Asher’s class, and takes Emma to a playgroup at the school. She also attended the Indigenous parents meeting this week. The school makes connecting so easy! Down the track we’ll be able to link the team in. And then, of course, there’s the bread stall…

Prayer meeting on Thursday rocked. Jon encouraged us in God’s patience with us in the gospel, which challenges us to be patient in mission, patient with people. It may take a long time for them to come to Christ. God is willing to wait, so we should be too. Waiting and praying go together. The team must have got the message, because people were full of prayers that night.

Sunday morning the team split up and visited other churches. Riverwood Anglican’s easy english service. Campsie Anglican (easy english), and the local Greek Orthodox church (difficult greek!). We learnt alot – looking for ideas about how to express gospel faith in ways that work for other cultures.

Sunday arvo was door-to-door visiting for some of us, except Michael. He had made a friend at the Clean up Australia, who inivited him over for a beer. Turns out the friend only likes Tooheys (not Mike’s favourite), so from now on, Mike is sacrificially drinking Tooheys for Jesus…

At our gathering we had Ando teaching us the gospel for the first time. We looked at the first chapter of Jonah, seeing how wide is the scope of God’s concerns and purposes for his world. And how challenging God’s people often find that width. If we’re not careful we can end up obscuring the scope of God’s love because our own hearts are too small.

We’re really enjoying our door-to-door visiting. Lots of people welcome the visit around here. We often make friends that way. We’re reading the Bible weekly with a bloke we met door-to-door. It’s not all hard work either: this week I scored a bag of organic coffee beans from a friendly local! Follow-up visit definitely indicated…

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  1. Anna M permalink

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks so much for keeping us posted. I’ve just had a chance to read up from the last couple of weeks and am feeling excited by the beginnings that you guys are making. Schools do make wonderful connecting spaces- they are crying out for people to be there to help out…what an opportunity.

    Keep praying and following Jesus.

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