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“It feels like beach mission!”

by on March 22, 2011

…said one of our visitors as we munched a hasty lunch.

Sunday was rather special. Lisa B recently attended a course on cross-cultural church planting, and we asked her to give us a digest of the main things she learnt there. She led us in discussing different ways a church could respond to our multi-ethnic society. Lisa also helped us understand the migrant experience by getting us to imagine what it would be like if we had emigrated to China!

The rest of the day took an unexpected and exciting turn. On a tip-off that next Sunday is ‘neighbour day’ we decided on the spur of the moment to hold a street party/bbq lunch for our street. There was no time to lose, and everyone sprang into action.

Elise and Jon B cut up the water slide to make a banner, assisted by enthusiastic junior colourers-in. That got hung in front of the house. Ando produced a flier and printed off a bunch. Karen and Nicole sourced a muffin recipe and went shopping for ingredients. Everyone else (including me!) generally pitched in, gave advice, and helped out where they could.

By lunch time when a family of our partners turned up to visit, we were nearly ready. After lunch the muffin production team (including visitor, Vic) got rolling, Elise produced quantities of baskets, and by 2.30 the first home-visiting team went out. Armed with baskets of fresh-baked blueberry muffins, our teams talked, charmed and ate our way up and down the street door-to-door, spreading the word about the street party next Sunday.Visitors the Pireh family were particularly effective door-to-door.

Our bakers worked at fever pitch, driven on by the cry of ‘more muffins!’ By 4 o’clock most of the street had received a personal, hand-delivered invite, with accompanying muffins.

The finished product

The neighbours were generally positive and interested. This should be a great way to get to know our street in a relaxed and friendly setting – an unexpected opportunity for us.

We finished the day, tired but happy, with our gathering, several friends visiting. It was nice to have more kids! Christian showed us from Jonah 2 how God answers those who call on him, no matter how lost they are. But everyone took part in teaching each other the word of God, sharing what God has been teaching them. A special time of fellowship and worship in the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah, your love makes me sing…

A happy visitation team prepares to head out


  • – pray that lots of the neighbours will come next Sunday to the street party. We want a crowd!
  • – we need money to buy stuff for the party. We might need to feed and water fifty plus, if your prayers are answered! I reckon we need about $200.

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