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They Came!

by on April 5, 2011

Those local ladies coming for dinner – they came! Thanks to those who prayed.

They said as they left, ‘we never had neighbours who invited us like this, before’.

They also said that since the street party people are greeting them on the street, people know their names! They’re a bit shocked.

I was just smiling, thinking, you’re experiencing a taste of the kingdom, and you don’t know it! Said nothing.

Isn’t the Lord wonderful!

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  1. John McKerlie permalink

    So glad that your ladies turned up. I have been organising men’s ministry activities at St Aidans Hurstville Grove for the last 4 years. For every event I stress about who will come even though I am often told “just put the events on and God will do the rest”. 99% of events organised have been well attended in fact I can only think of one event, State of Origin football on the big screen in the church hall, where numbers were very low.
    Anyhow praise be to God and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks John, sounds like a valuable ministry you have there.

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