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Loving the oddbods

by on April 7, 2011

I got an email this week that brought tears to my eyes as I read it. It’s from a friend who’s gone into ministry in regional Australia, from a Moore college background. A few of us have been reading Bruce Milne’s passionate vision for growing multi-ethnic and diverse churches, in his book Dynamic Diversity. Here’s some of the email:


Regarding my reading of Dynamic Diversity… confession time…Dynamic diversity

The service I oversee (Sun pm) is already quite diverse. When I arrived it overwhelmed me because it didn’t seem to be heading anywhere, it wasn’t anything like I’ve been involved in in the past. We are a bunch of oddbods! I found it hard to put us in a box. But after reading Dynamic Diversity and being reminded of God’s eternal plans in Ephesians 1-3, I became excited about ‘my’ service and hope under God we can grow it to be even more diverse and that we reach even more oddbods. That might mean we don’t really go anywhere that I had initially thought (eg big congregation, lots of people heading for Bible college, or the cool-hip Sunday night service in town) but we will reflect God’s eternal plans better. In terms of multi-ethnicity, less than 5% of our town is born outside of Australia, so for us multi-ethnic will mean having more aboriginal people join us (over 10% of town have Aboriginal ancestry). We have people keen and connected for Aboriginal ministry (including our rector), so I’m excited what may happen in the future.
Music to my ears…

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