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One crazy Sunday

by on April 16, 2011

Some weeks a bunch of unexpected stuff happens. This week it all happened on one day: Sunday.

First, we managed to have our team time at John and Lisa’s (the official venue) for the first time ever! It was a planning morning this week, a full but encouraging session in which many plans were agreed on for the rest of this year. We even came up with a name, which I’ll tell you soon (!)

Hard at work planning at Lisa and Johns place. But where is Nic?

Then, at lunch visitors started rocking up. And kept rocking up. First our Nepali next door neighbours. When I heard they were coming, I invited our other (Christian) Nepali friends. So they came down too. Then some friends of John B. Then Ando’s flatmate and his girlfriend. Another friend of ours was also there. By this stage there were more visitors than team! I had no idea half of these guys were coming – a beautiful surprise. The backyard felt pretty full. Luckily we had our big new shiny BBQ (well, new for us!), a gift from John B’s family in Gundagai. It handled the hungry crowd with style! I’m in love with that barbie already.

The visitors gradually dispersed through the arvo, but not before many good chats were had. The team has been praying for most of those visitors, so it was a great encouragement to see them.

Our plans to get out in the community were rained on, so we practised for our Easter story-telling instead, then headed up for our gathering. And there, once again, visitors started rolling in. They kept coming (a different lot from lunch, mostly) until our little group of 8-12 had swelled to 20+ as more people kept walking in. It felt quite strange! We ran out of seats. Everyone chose the same day to visit.

Nicole led our gathering for the first time, and I was blessed by her gracious and thoughtful leadership. Michael was generous in sharing with us some of the turning points in God’s dealings in his life. We continued our series in Luke’s Gospel, hearing John the Baptist announce Jesus as the King arriving to restore justice to the world: what Luke calls ‘the good news’ (3:18).

Later I went down the pub to join in dinner, and found Ando with a bunch of our visitors! The rest of the team must have been too worn out from a big day! So we sat and swapped our stories, and talked gospel and mission over pub steaks. It was a nice time.

It was a long day!

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  1. Chris Webb permalink

    Wow! Praise God for answering the prayers of his children! Look forward to being a part of Easter celebrations.

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