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How it all went

by on April 26, 2011
Vic practises Pilate’s lines outside his palace

Friday’s Stations of the Cross. Lots to report. I’ll keep it brief as I can.

Rain had been forecast for Good Friday morning and Sunday arvo – our two outreach times. We prayed and prayed. Friday was dry. PRAISE GOD!

The team had a very special dinner together the night before, Thursday night. Lamb and flatbread and rocket – a passover meal. We celebrated the Lord’s Supper together over dinner. What a joy! Especially with a number of visitors to share it with. They had come to rehearse for the storytelling. A good evening’s rehearsal.

Jill narrates the death of Jesus

Friday morning a crowd of around sixty turned up by 9.30, and Veronica kicked us off with the first scene, the arrest of Jesus. I was amazed at how confident and convincing all the story-tellers were, some of them doing this for the first time. As we moved around the property, the story unfolded from John’s account: 10 stations, 10 scenes, 10 storytellers. The trial, the flogging, the mocking and thorns; the crowd shouting at Pilate. We saw it all before our very eyes. And then the cross.  A large wooden cross was our only prop: it filled me with dread when I saw it.

We finished with a very brief service of worship at the final station (in the graveyard!), the cross still standing in the ground there. We reflected on Jesus’ last words, ‘It is finished.’ A couple of Easter songs, a prayer and we were done. This the power of the cross, Christ became sin for us…

We were delighted that a number of our new friends from the streets around here came along, as well as from the other little congregations here. We had visitors from at least five local households. Many of them stayed around to talk, and I heard again and again how very happy they were to have shared in such a special event. One man said, ‘It made it all seem real…’ We didn’t advertise our Sunday afternoon gathering, but a number of people asked when it was.

Chris carries the cross

I am very proud of all our guys who got in and had a go, and did so well storytelling. There were tears in the crowd at different points in the story. No one who was there will think I’m exaggerating when I say it was a deeply moving experience. Personally I found it brought me closer to Jesus.

People are already talking about next years’ Stations event!

Hoping to figure out how to post the video on facebook!

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  1. Philip Berridge permalink

    Like this! sorry we could not be there

    • Next year!

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