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Our First Community Lunch

by on April 29, 2011

Easter Sunday was a special day for us. Lots to report. Here’s the brief version.

Weather: on Sunday morning the weathersite said rain between 12 and 3 in Canterbury. We kept praying. At twelve the sky was clear, and it stayed clear all arvo. THANKYOU LORD!

Team: several team members were away, leaving us a small team for our big day! Jon B was in Gunnedah telling young people about Jesus. A couple of members were sick. A friend joined us for the day to help out at the last minute: awesome! We started the day with a beautiful hour reflecting and praying on the resurrection of Jesus. We got lots of help from Paul in 1 Cor. 15, which we read right through together. Great read!

Community Lunch: After a bit of last minute inviting, at 11.30 we all went up to St Pauls. Mike had been there since 9, minding the lamb spit. By 12.30 the jumping castle was inflated, the salads were chopped, the lamb was roasted, the tables set up, and the coffee machine warmed up and ready to pump out lashings of the beautiful foaming red-brown stuff. People from the 10 am and the Islander congregations were staying for the lunch. Now all we needed was neighbours to come. Would any come?

Some did. We have visitors from at least five of the local streets, people we’d personally invited, mainly. About 20-25 all up, I reckon. That was plenty for us, we’re a small team, and the aim of the day was to build friendships. There were also a number of people very loosely connected with the morning church who came along. Also a number of Christian friends turned up, which was great too. All up it was quite a crowd.

With facepainting from Elise and team friend Evon, giant Jenga, an Easter egg hunt organised by Stephanie and Nicole, and plenty of food, drink, and coffee from our barista team Lisa, Ando and John, the atmosphere was festive and happy. The kids jumped all afternoon, the grown-ups got to relax and chat. If only we had more team to look after all the visitors!

There was no ‘talk’, and no invites to anything else. Just a brief welcome announcement and explanation of what we were celebrating. We were there to make friends. A number of visitors expressed a wish to have more contact with us, and we’ll aim to visit them soon.

Our gathering at 4 was a lovely (if slightly weary!) time of celebrating our risen Saviour. We had a few visitors, including one muslim man we didn’t know!

Money: We reported how God had been sending us money to pay for the day. Our costs ended up at around $1000. As of today, we have received $830 in donations, much of it anonymous, towards the event. We are once again left admiring our great God and thanking him for his generous, Spirit-filled people.

We’re a bit tired after the weekend, but very grateful to God for this time celebrating Easter with our neighbours from the streets of Canterbury.

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