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The Curious Case of Christian ‘Ando’ Anderson

by on May 4, 2011

Our team leader Christian (Ando) hasn’t initiated a conversation about God or Jesus with anyone around here since he arrived in Canterbury. WHAT SORT OF MISSION LEADER IS THAT? How are people sposed to find out about Jesus around here? I’ve decided to out him. It’s time for a public rebuke.

It’s true that his neighbours have started asking him about Jesus. But that’s just because they know he’s a Christian, they know he’s a ‘minister’, they know he’s part of a Christian community that seems to spend half their time together, and that does weird neighbourhood stuff. So I guess they’ve been wondering what Christian’s up to: he keeps talking to them and showing an interest, but never seems to make a move! We know they’ve been asking each other, ‘Is he going to try to convert us? He doesn’t seem to be doing that…What is he doing?’

So now they find themselves asking him. Asking about God. About Jesus. About church.  About our church. Neighbours come for dinner and ask Christian lots of questions. For hours. One even visited our Sunday gathering to find out more. Christian didn’t even invite her, the slacker.  So she invited herself.

I reckon nature abhors a vacuum. Ando’s failure to push ahead with preaching the gospel to these neighbours the way they expected, seems to have created space in the relationship.  And now they are moving forward into that space. Go figure.

Another young friend has been hanging with us playing soccer for 2 months now. Everyone is friendly to him, he’s gradually finding out that all these soccer players are Christians. They talk about their faith from time to time, but nobody has confronted him about his need for Jesus. Ando has spent more time with him than anyone. He’s responsible if anyone is. And again, he’s failed to bring it up. I just shake my head. How are we going to get anywhere in mission, carrying on like this?

But now for whatever reason, this young guy has started asking Ando questions. Lots of questions. Who are you guys? Why do you hang together all the time? What’s it all about? What is a Christian anyway?

It doesn’t seem right. How come Ando gets all the breaks when he doesn’t even try? If he’s just going to sit back and feed people meals, and play games with them, it doesn’t seem very fair that they’re turning him into some sort of evangelist.

And if any of you know Christian, could you have a word with him, tell him to pull his socks up a bit? I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

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  1. Anne-Claire permalink

    I wonder where Christian learned that!!!

    • Not sure, but I’ve sometimes seen him reading the New Testament…

  2. Charlie Ellis permalink

    You’re setting a dangerous precident, Jonno… are you sure you guys are ready to answer questions and not ask them? What about all that training with sensitive questioning? Wasted! This Ando guys sounds a bit dodgy to me. There’s one thing that I’ve learned in life: if something sounds too good to be true it generally is untrue. Next you’re going to tell me that God is working through Ando…. (note heavily sarcastic tone intended).

  3. Chris Webb permalink

    Hehe! Nice one!

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