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Why is Luke sounding so weird?

by on June 7, 2011

We have been working through Luke’s Gospel in our gatherings this year. We have received many comments that we seem to be interpreting the book in unexpected ways. I thought I’d try to sum up everything that is weird about our approach to Luke into one short article, both to help our own people get a better handle on what we’re doing, and for anyone else who’s interested. A fresh approach to a poorly treated book.

To get the pdf, click on   The Lukan Elephant

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  1. Charles Ellis permalink

    Hey Jonno. Keen to read about ‘The Lukan Elephant’ but having some trouble with the link. Is it possible to please email the pdf directly or troubleshoot the link? Thanks bro.

    • I wonder what’s wrong with the link – others have downloaded from it successfully. I’m not very cluey about these things, alas…

      I’ll email it to you, anyhow, but if anyone can tell me what the problem is, I’m keen to fix it.

      Thanks Charlie

  2. Chris Webb permalink

    I couldn’t get it either Jonathan.

    • Ok, I’ll try redoing the link.

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