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Canterbury Goes South

by on July 2, 2011
“Welcome to the Rectory!”

Well, it’s been about two months since an update. Apologies! Trouble is, our chief blogger (yours tr.) hasn’t been too well. Tends to happen in winter, I’m afraid. Had some surgery recently which I hope will sort me out. They removed my brain…

So anyway, we’re back! Still alive and blogging! What’s been happening at Canterbury Church Plant recently?

First, we had an excellent weekend away. What made it excellent was:

the venue: the Rectory, Kangaroo Valley. Sheer beauty. Great house.

Team goes bushwalking at beautiful Fitzroy Falls

the people: our team plus two dear supporters/friends came along. That’s as good as it gets, I reckon.

the program: we had heaps of relaxed time to hang together, play games, drink coffee, bushwalk, eat and generally get to know each other better. Lots of fun!

the studies and discussions: Our theme for the weekend was ‘On mission with Jesus’ – aiming to further develop and share our vision to be a missional church walking with Jesus in Canterbury. Awesome!

Importantly, we starting to develop goals for the rest of this year. We’ve got to know Canterbury a little now, we know roughly what we’re dealing with. Christian helped us to start asking, Where do we hope to be by Dec 31? and How are we going to get there? More on this later.

Room to dance in the living area!

So it was a GREAT weekend. Most of the team went home with that warm and exhilarated feeling you get when you go on great houseparties. I went home with that exhausted and flat feeling you get when you organise them…

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