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Our goals for 2011

by on July 4, 2011

You might think it’s a bit late in the year – but remember we only arrived in February, we’ve just been learning to find our way around, here. We reckon we’re ready to try some goals, as a tool to help us focus and achieve our vision for Canterbury Community Church. We’ve worked on them for a few weeks, they’ve been lost in a failed laptop, found again by clever mac people, and now they see the light of day!

I notice that they are a bit different from the goals of any group I’ve been part of before…



1) To have developed and deepened loving relationships with one another

2) To have cared in particular for team members going through difficult times


3) To each have each identified several local people with whom we’re intentionally developing a significant relationship

4) To have run at least one cultural celebration day on the St Pauls grounds


What you do think?

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  1. Charles Ellis permalink

    Awesome goals. Simple, clear, different, and grounded in love.

  2. Nice goals Jonathan. How will you measure the first and second goal?

    • Ah, yes, good question. We were at a loss about this, and it was really hindering us from setting the sort of goals we wanted to have. But luckily, one of our team is a psych/researcher, and when she heard about it, she said, no problem. She specialises in measuring subjective categories – so she and Christian have devised a questionnaire to do the job. We get the team to fill it out before and after, and compare results. Or something.

      That you Andrew? Glad you like our goals.

  3. Matthew Moffitt permalink

    Sorry that was Matt; for some reason wordpress changed my screen name to katay.

    • Maybe those guys at wordpress tap into your deepest inner longings, the you you’d really like to be…? šŸ™‚

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