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Couldn’t resist writing this down…

by on July 17, 2011

(verbatim, I swear)

ME: Hope you kids have a great time on holidays at Gran’s.

ASHER: Aren’t you coming??

ME: No, just you kids and Mummy.

ASHER: Why not?

ME: I don’t have holidays at the moment, I’ve got to stay here and do my job.

ASHER: Oh… (Pause) What’s your job?

ME: (Thinking quickly – what is my job???) I’m a pastor of a church, and a missioner in Canterbury.


ME: Do you know what a pastor is, Asher?

ASHER: Do you mean, a plaster?

ME: No, a pastor.

ASHER: Pasta…

ME: pastOR.

ASHER: PastOR. What’s that?

ME: It’s like a shepherd, who looks after and leads the sheep. Except it’s God’s sheep I look after. Do you know who God’s sheep are?

ASHER: (pause)¬† …US!

ME: That’s right. It’s the church! Us.

ASHER: (pause) …except Emma. Emma’s not God’s sheep.

ME: No?

ASHER: No. Emma’s God’s lamb.

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