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Cantonese in Canterbury

by on July 18, 2011

We’ve come across quite a few Chinese speakers on our travels around Canterbury, and some of them have little English. Sometimes they don’t even feel confident to answer the door if they see you’re an Anglo.  And if they do, the conversation often stalls. Lots of smiling and nodding of heads!

How to reach them?

The Lord has brought a Cantonese-speaking,  ABC Christian across our path. Today I had the privilege of doing some visiting with her. I took Veronica to all the Chinese homes we’ve been wanting to contact, and let her do the talking! It was so good – even the homes where they preferred to speak English, they were obviously much more relaxed because they were talking to a Chinese person.

Now we’ve got a number of Chinese contacts in the streets around us, which we’re looking forward to following up.

Thank God for the gifts of his people!

I’d love to find a Mandarin speaker as well…

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  1. Felicity permalink

    Praise God, you brought a smile to my face on this blustery rainy day.

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