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Freeing the captives in Canterbury

by on July 21, 2011

We’ve been getting to know a young overseas student from the sub-continent. We’ll call him Ajay (not his real name). Though he’s had some church involvement in his background, Ajay has fallen on difficult times. He has become alcoholic. Relations with his family have soured.

Christian in particular has been befriending Ajay, but by now the whole team has got to know him. He’s started to come to our prayer meetings each week, and often comes to social gatherings too.

Lately Christian has noticed that Ajay has been less inebriated than usual. At a State of Origin party lately, Ajay told us that now that he’s become part of our community he doesn’t feel the need to drink so much. He’d like to cut it out altogether. He is also cutting back on the smokes, he doesn’t need them so much either. He feels there are better things to fill his life with, and he’d like to come closer to Jesus.

It’s been a great joy to us to see this happening. We’re pretty excited. No one on our team has criticised Ajay’s drinking or smoking. We really haven’t tried to address these things in any intentional way – it’s all come from him himself. He’s struggled unsuccessfully with these addictions for a long time, but now they’re somehow fading, losing their power.

What we have done is to welcome him into our community in the name of Jesus, talk to him about new life in Jesus Christ, help him where we can, and pray for and with him. Ajay has asked us to pray that he might be able to forget the many painful things in his past. Clearly he is a haunted young man. So we’ve been doing that. That’s all, really.

But meanwhile someone has begun setting Ajay free from the addictions that were enslaving him.

We would like to say a big thankyou to that someone, and ask that whatever he’s doing, he bring it on.

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