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Please come right away for lunch – next Sunday

by on July 24, 2011

We have lots of Mandarin speaking contacts around here. Most have some English, but one family where the mum has none live on our street. How to get to know them? Elise decided to invite them for lunch. She got a Mandarin dictionary/phrase book from Aldi for $5, practised writing the chinese characters, then wrote a note inviting the family for lunch on Sunday. She gave it to the son who is at our kids’ primary school.

Would his mother find the note? Would she be able to understand it? Would she be brave enough to come into a threatening environment where she couldn’t communicate? It all seemed like a long shot.

On Saturday we got a text message. Yes we would like to come for lunch. Written, we suspect by one of the daughters. We were excited. We were showing off to Veronica our chinese speaking friend, about this, and showed her the note. Turns out Elise wrote, “Please come right now for lunch at our place this Sunday.” !!

No doubt they had a good laugh. So did we. But they came. And they stayed all afternoon.

Shows what can be done with a dictionary and a bit of initiative!

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  1. Sophie permalink

    Haha that’s awesome – Elise is amazing with languages!

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