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Renewed vision

by on August 10, 2011

The church here at Canterbury is very much centred around a vision statement. We keep talking over it, trying to stay on track with the vision. As we do, we find details of it that need improving and tightening. And occasionally just plain changing, as we change our practices trying to be more gospel-shaped and effective.

I thought it was time to overhaul the statement and post an updated version. You can see it on the dropdown menus above, or else

click here.

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. andrew permalink

    hi guys, this looks good, you guys have thought this through well, it is a really good idea to have something as explicit as this so people know what they are joining when they come. I wonder whether stating what the gospel is might also be a useful point, while it is inferred in a few places the word is used several times without clarification. I know this is not a statement of faith but people often bring their own ideas about what the gospel is but they are not necessary biblical ones.
    until he comes

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Andrew. Our vision statement certainly has helped avoid a lot of misunderstandings and disappointed expectations. Everyone on the team knows pretty much what to xpect.
      Good suggestion about clarifying what is the gospel. A few people have asked us about this. At the moment we’re happy to just say, we’re an Anglican church, we go with the 39 articles. They give a fair bit of detail as a statement of faith, they’re readily accessible on the web, and we like them. So we’ve kind of just leant on them so far.

      If anyone wants to have a look at them, here’s the link:

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