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You will remember to pray for us, won’t you?

by on August 17, 2011

An elderly friend of ours here in Canterbury spoke these words as we left after a 45 minute visit last week. They’d been telling us about their family trouble, and how much they were worrying about it. The wife several times reminded us that she was depending on our prayers. Not so surprising: a Roman Catholic family, they often think of God’s role in events, and wonder what he’s up to.

“I’m going to pray for you. I don’t know if that means much to you, but it does to me,” I said to another friend at the end of a long visit last week. He’d been telling me of the many stresses he was facing recently. “Well, he replied, I’ve been thinking that your last lot of prayers seem to have helped – things went a lot better at work after I spoke to you last.” This was unexpected: he’s very definitely not a Christian believer, not religious in any traditional sense. Yet he’d been conscious of my prayers.

Today I was speaking to a Chinese lady down the street about her inoperable cancer. An older lady, she speaks Mandarin and has little english. I must have been encouraged by last week’s experiences: as I was going, I said, “I will pray for you,” and I put my hands together to show her what I meant. Her face lit up: ‘Thank you so much!’ she said with a big smile. She is Buddhist.

I wonder how many people in this area wouldn’t feel grateful for someone praying for them in their troubles? I’m guessing not many. Regardless of their stated religious stance, people around here seem to value prayer. Some are desperate for it. What an awesome opportunity for us to serve.

I think from now on maybe I should offer prayer when I go visiting door-to-door, as a definite community service. “Thanks for having me in, is there anything you would like prayer for at the moment?” I like the sound of that…

What do you think?

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