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Our first big crisis

by on August 28, 2011

Everything seemed to be going so well, the team’s bonded well, they’re happy, they’re making progress in reaching out to people around here; Christian and I haven’t killed each other, Elise and I haven’t killed each other; our finances are on the improve. It seemed like the hand of the Lord was with us.

And now this.

It was yesterday it happened. I thought it would be a good idea to clean the espresso machine, and when I stood it upright again, disaster struck. The thing went beserk: lights flashing, pump grinding, making a noise like a dozen rattle snakes were inside it. No way to turn it off, except pulling the plug from the wall. Serious electrical meltdown.

OUR COFFEE MACHINE HAS GONE FERAL. It won’t make a coffee, it won’t do anything except grind gears at us. OUR BEAUTIFUL MACHINE HAS LOST IT.

And not just any machine, mind – its our Sunbeam 6910. Top of the range. Gleaming stainless steel. My pride and joy.

This is serious. I have three big ministry tools: the BBQ, the dishwasher, and the espresso machine. When I’m in that triangle, I know where I am. I know what to do. Things go well. That machine has greased the wheels of many budding friendships this year. Now it’s gone.

We’re all in shock. We’re all on edge and gittery.

I feel lost and confused without my machine.

It’s a disaster.

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