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Jesus wants a Sunbeam for me

by on August 30, 2011

It’s back!

After a couple of days awol, our beautiful Sunbeam 6910 has come back to us.

I’d started researching replacements for it. ‘Look,’ I’d said to the surly, feral machine buzzing angrily on the bench, ‘if you don’t pull yourself together, I’m thinking of replacing you with a Breville. The new Breville dual boiler is pretty nice you know.’

That was enough. That did it.

By this morning, it was back to its quiet, well-mannered self. Ready to please, eager to pour shots. One rubber ring, a new calc filter and a cleaning cycle later, we were up and running.

Tonight after dinner I was able to present my poor wife with her first proper coffee in days. Poor thing, she was white as a sheet, a mere zombie, sitting listless, staring at nothing, murmuring to herself, upset by the slightest sound. We’ve had days of this, its been sad to see her spiral down into this decline.

Within minutes, the colour returned to her cheek, there were signs of life in her glazed eye. She began to talk sanely again, and seemed to recognise us all for the first time in days. She even agreed to a game of 500.

We feel we can face the world again, and even invite it over without shame. We feel ready for ministry again. Ready for anything.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us in our time of need.

I’m back in the magic triangle, and life feels good!

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  1. Pete permalink

    I didn’t realise anything was wrong… if only I’d known I would’ve been praying. It’s a serious condition when your coffee machine is feeling a bit off… Excellent news it’s back up again.

  2. Grace yi permalink

    U guys are such addicts!!!!

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