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The Playtime Cafe

by on September 4, 2011

I want to tell you about our exciting new ministry. Well, you might not think it exciting, but we’re just buzzing.

We’ve been getting to know Canterbury, and we’ve realised there’s stacks of mums with young kids not yet at school, around here. And some dads. And there’s nowhere for them to go, nowhere to meet each other, nowhere to hang. Canterbury has nothing. Not even a cafe.

So we’ve decided to start one. Yes, a cafe. Actually a playgroup/cafe. We’re calling it Playtime Cafe. Cafe for parents, supported playgroup for munchkins, with helpers to look after them. Kids get to have fun, parents get a break, everyone gets to make friends. What a cool idea. We’ve got 5 people from (or connected with) the churchplant who are going to be there in various roles: making coffee, serving morning tea, playing with kids, doing a kids music time, talking with parents, making sure they all have a good time. Elise is running the show. I’m in charge of coffee!

I reckon there’s at least 100 families in the area that would like this. We’re doing a little advertising, but it’s mostly going to be word of mouth. We already know a bunch of likely mums. We reckon this is going to reach a lot of families.

We’re pretty excited.


This is going to be a costly ministry in lots of ways. We’re looking for people who have money they’d like to invest in the kingdom of God. If that’s you, you might like to help pay for the Playtime Cafe. I’ll put details of how to do that on the home page, in the ‘Support an Outreach Project’ drop-down menu at the top of the page. You’ll never spend a dollar better than this!

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