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Sorry Dad!

by on September 6, 2011

Last Sunday we ran an ‘alternative-to-fathers’-day’ neighbourhood BBQ lunch. We invited everyone, but we knew most of them would be busy. The idea was to have something for the people with no kids or parents to see. There are plenty of them around here.

At one o’clock we fired up the barbie, and – they came! Gradually over the next two hours, a bunch of neighbours turned up, ready for food, fun and – hopefully- friendship. We had some team members’ family along, and they did a great job welcoming neighbours! We had a visitor from Newtown Mission, one of our favourite churches. We had people from Serbian, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Chilean, Chinese, Nepali, Indian and even Anglo backgrounds. We even had some Dads!

The neighbours around here don’t all know each other very much. But by the time the coffee came out, the ice had melted, and everyone was chatting happily. Kids were playing, the coffee machine was working overtime, and new friendships were being struck up. It was a great arvo. Praise God for the precious people of Canterbury! And praise him even more that he is gathering them together into one new family in Jesus!                

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