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Our first Playtime Cafe: the Agony and the Ecstasy

by on September 8, 2011

We held our very first ever Playtime Cafe today. We’d just advertised by word of mouth, so we were pretty confident no more than twenty families would turn up. Two of our PtC team were away for the launch! Christian is in Korea, and one of our mums on the team couldn’t make it. Thankfully we were able to rope in two local women from St Pauls to help out.

By 9.30 we had signs up, toys out and tables nicely arranged. The urn was hot and the coffee machine was ready to go. Well , almost ready. Truth is, the steamer chose this day to get jammed up. More jammed up than its ever been before. So jammed, frothing milk was as painful as pulling teeth. I struggled on, managing to produce something brown and warm about once every ten minutes. That was the agony.

The good part was, we had a bunch of parents and littlies come along. In the end there were around eight mums and a few dads, and about 10 kids. A few were ‘us’, most were visitors. They all seemed to enjoy themselves, quite oblivious to the nightmare going down in the kitchen. My stress, apparently, was not contagious. Everyone was friendly to everyone, the kids played well together, and large quantities of chopped apple and pastries were consumed.

We had people from Nepali, Italian, Chinese, Philippino, Lebanese and even Anglo backgrounds.

Vic and I had planned to do a music time with the kids, but by the time the coffees were made, there was no time left. It took me about an hour to get 8 people their coffees!  And anyway, the kids were having too much fun just running around. Lots of boys!

I was also too busy to take photos, until right at the end at packup time. Never mind, we’ll get some good ones soon.

The mums and dads went home happy. Elise came home tired but happy. I came home an emotional wreck, and crashed on the lounge.

So the PtC is off to a good start. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us today.

Resolutions for this week:

1. See my therapist

2.  GET A NEW COFFEE MACHINE. Hang the expense. We need to pump out good coffee, fast.

Please pray for this as we seek funds and wisdom for this investment. It’s going to cost around $1300 to get the sort of machine we need for this ministry.

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One Comment
  1. Vic permalink

    It was alot of fun getting to know all the mums and kids, I also thought the coffee went down nicely in the end:)

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