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The people who are really easy to reach for Jesus

by on September 9, 2011

There’s a new family moved in across the road. Mum and kids. Asian. Small flat. Mum has little English and no job. Seems like the son supports the family. They moved in Sunday, and we took them over some lunch and desert and coffee from our neighbourhood bbq. They were so grateful it was weird.

Since then they’ve sent us a box of chocolates to say thanks. Elise offered to help with setting up, they didn’t take her up, but yesterday asked for some help getting the dishwasher working. E sent me. While I was there the (20something) son asked me all about myself, and when he heard I was a ‘minister’ he asked what time we meet. ‘Would I be able to come along some time?’ he asked. He didn’t have to say that.

As I was leaving I gave them my number in case they needed anything. I told the mother (through son) to come on over any time for a cuppa, Elise is often home, and she is good with ESL people. She’d be happy to chat. Son looked surprised. ‘Really? That’s great. Most people, you know, it’s annoying for them.’

As I left the daughter said ‘I can’t tell you how thankful we are’. Her exact words, I swear! It was a bit much.

Do you reckon it’s going to be hard to reach these guys?

Now here’s the thing. Why is this family so open?

Needy, do you reckon? I think so. Needy big time.

Yeah, I can hear someone thinking, they’re just interested in you because they’re needy. They think you’ll help them, they’re in it for what they can get from you.

So, I’d like to think about that for a minute. What is it they might be wanting from us, do you reckon? Help? Support? Conversation practice? Friendship? A father figure or two? Community? Belonging? Are they the things they think they might get from us?

What do you think –  should we be comfortable with that, or bothered? Is this a distraction of our energies, or core business?

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  1. Nice!

  2. Ane-Claire permalink

    They might actualy be hungry for God?

    • Maybe without even knowing it. I remember when I first learnt about Jesus, thinking, ‘that’s exactly what I need, that’s who I want to belong to.’ I was primed and ready, didn’t know what I was ready for until that moment!

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