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Good things that happened in the past week

by on September 12, 2011

Church planters often get discouraged, it’s so easy to focus on the negative and lose heart. Here’s my attempt to take myself in hand a bit. What has happened that’s good lately?

1. The Playtime Cafe started up.

2. Someone donated $600 towards it.

3. Elise and I had a beautiful night out – went out for dinner to our favourite Restaurant (‘At Bangkok’) for her birthday. Michael babysat at short notice (thanks Mike!).

4. We had a great neighbourhood lunch on Father’s day, and a much more relaxed lunch yesterday with mainly just the team. I loved them both.

5. I bought a bookcase on ebay and when the lady heard I was church planting she gave me the money back, and offered my a fridge and electric piano into the bargain!

6. John lent us a coffee machine while ours is out of action. His machine is a Galatea Domus, and it rocks.

7. Prayer meeting has been awesome for the past three weeks, and this week was no exception

8. Christian got a holiday at last (first one since last year)

9. We met some newly arrived neighbours

10. A dad from the school was closing his cafe in the Rocks and sold us a heap of cafe stuff very cheaply. Now we have cafe tables and chairs and cups and supplies.

11. The kids have been getting on well together

12 I got paid some stipend (it’s not a guaranteed thing!)

13 My lettuces have grown big enough to eat (40 of them!)

14 Tuesday night soccer has been getting more and more people attending. Sometimes we’re 4 a side now.

15 New strings on my guitar (Elixir). I LOVE my guitar.

That should be enough to cheer up a lethargic church planter!


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  1. Pete permalink

    Awesome mate! You need encouragement as a church planter! Good reminder that it’s not all bad… cheers for the encouragement…

  2. Yay! These are great stories! 🙂

  3. Rachel Russell permalink

    Awesome work guys, God is clearly blessing your ministry. Be encouraged. As a Bible Storyteller and advocate for Scripture in schools, I’m loving your scripture feedback. Rachel

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