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Snapshot of the Playtime Cafe

by on September 21, 2011


3 new mums

4 returning mums

1 returning dad. He helped us boys at the kitchen. We put an apron on him. His wife laughed her head off and took photos.

Christian back from holidays, helping out. Hooray!

The mum who’d invited Elise yesterday (see previous post) turned up, and caught Elise putting out the sandwich board on the street. Elise had to fess up.

Coffee machine (which had made a comeback earlier in the morning) conked out again. No steam.

Found a Mr Cuppacino that someone had stuck in the back of the church kitchen cupboards sometime in the 80s, and used it for steam.

One of the mums asked Vic to tell her about our church.

Our car battery went flat outside the church hall.

One little boy taught us his version of ‘Twinkle twinkle’ in singing time. Emma called for ‘Yellow Submarine’.

Some of the parents hung around for ages while we were packing up, Vic chatted with them. They eventually got the idea and went home.

We had a visit afterwards from a lovely lady from Anglicare. She talked with us about how to run supported playgroups and how to find resources and services to help.

We were wondering which Anglicare region we were in. Turns out we’re in no region. Canterbury gets left out of the regions. Sigh.

We decided we want an extra PtC team member to help with this ministry. It’s going to get big pretty soon. Gulp!

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  1. “We were wondering which Anglicare region we were in. Turns out we’re in no region. Canterbury gets left out of the regions. Sigh.”

    EPIC sigh! 😦

    • It actually fits in pretty well with Canterbury’s generally neglected profile: no shopping area, few community services, no cafes, run-down playgrounds, hardly any public parks, only one church site (ours), few evangelical Christians, no bishop for this region, etc etc. So it sort of made good sense to us when we heard we fell between the cracks for Anglicare too…

      • You guys will have to keep considering yourselves as trailblazers and change makers. One day it will be different!
        I know you are secretly on the radar for some people here, especially the people who don’t operate in the region mindset. 🙂

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