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Fishing for leaders

by on September 29, 2011

Today we went fishing for leaders. Reason is, we’re starting to talk about plant no.2. And we’ve identified a key need that will take several years to fill: we need leaders. We can’t plant more churches without leaders. We reckon we’ll need to have them with us for a year or preferably two or more, before they’ll be ready to lead another mission team like this one in another suburb of multi-ethnic Sydney. That’s a long time delay from when we find the leaders to when we can plant.

So we went to Moore College and ran a couple of seminars on the mission needs and opportunities of the region. Calling for Sydney’s best and brightest to devote themselves to mission amongst the diverse people groups that make up the central part of Sydney.

I was personally inspired by the message! Hearing Christian describe mission in Canterbury, I would have signed up on the spot, it sounded so good! Somehow no one else did, though. My impression was that the students who came were interested, it sounded good, and they hoped someone would take it up. Not sure if many felt personally convinced or touched by it though…

Would you pray that God would place it on the hearts of some of these students to pursue mission in multi-ethnic Sydney? If we can’t get these guys to come, I don’t know who’s going to lead the mission. And the way I see it, no leaders, no mission. Lord, send workers into the harvest!

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  1. Anne-Claire permalink

    What about casting a wider net?
    Leaders don’t have to come from Moore college, do they?

  2. Anne-Claire permalink

    Good question!!! I will join you in prayer on this.

    • Thanks so much.

      there are other colleges, and we are talking to one of them. but I guess Moore is where Christian and I are from, it’s the Anglican college and we’re an Anglican church, etc, so it’s kind of our natural habitat, it’s ‘our college’, you know what I mean? We’d love to see guys (and girls!) from Moore get involved. But you’re right, a wider net too.

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