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Introducing Grimac

by on October 1, 2011

Some cool stuff has been happening lately around here involving large shiny machines. After wrestling for a few weeks with the steamer of my Sunbeam 6910, and LOSING, I realised we needed a new coffee machine. We had a beautiful $600 donation towards one from dear friends (low income, of course), so we were in the ball park.

John from our team is a coffee afficionado. The word afficionado was invented just for John’s coffee thing. So anyway, I turned to the expert for advice. John found us an acquaintance who was selling something good. He negotiated the price down a bit. He gave the machine the go-ahead. I proceeded with child-like confidence, though totally out of my depth, trusting in John’s say-so: John knows.

So I went and met the baby. It’s a GRIMAC. It’s a beauty. Well, it’s mother would think so anyhow, and I’m practically that by now. It poured beautiful shots. It made AMAZING dense microfoam out of semiskim milk. It was shiny. It was love at first sight. I bought it.

When the sellers heard we were using it for the Playtime Cafe, they handed me back $100 from the price. Turns out they love Jesus! They were pretty stretched for cash, though, and depending on the sale money. Apologised that they couldn’t afford to give more! The room was full of the smell of espresso and the kingdom of God.

Thanks Nico and Helen!

The Grimac now sits in pride of place on our bench. It will double for home and PtC ministry. On Wednesday it went up to the Playtime Cafe for its first outing. It weighs a ton. It behaved beautifully. We poured shot after shot of dark, glowing, red-brown, creamy smooth espresso. They were lining up for more.

Do you think those mums will come back next week?

Mmmm, Grimac…thank God for Grimac.

Oh yes

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  1. Sophie Febery permalink

    Looks amazing I feel like coming over for a play-date at the PtC!

    • Come any time! How much is the air fare?

  2. Nico permalink


    As the previous owner I am very glad the Grimac has found a home where it will be loved and appreciated.


  3. Chris Webb permalink

    Mmm! Mouth is watering! 🙂

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