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Modelling church

by on October 4, 2011

I’ve been trying to express in pictures something of how our church functions in the community here, and how we want it to function.

Pictures and diagrams only express a limited number of ideas. I’ll post this one, see if anyone understands anything from it, then maybe talk about it later.

I’d love people’s feedback on what this expresses. If I get it right it could be a helpful tool for explaining to people what we’re about.

For a bigger version

click here

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  1. Hi Jonno,

    Just a question – why do you have ‘Word of Christ’ in the middle and not ‘Word of God’ or just ‘Christ’ ?

    Dave T

    • Good question. I guess I could just quote Col. 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…
      But I guess I’m wanting to say that what’s at the centre and source of our community is the gospel about Jesus, through which Jesus himself is present. As we feed on his gospel Word, it is he himself we’re enjoying.
      ‘Word of God’ for many Christians doesn’t = gospel or Christ (sadly). ‘Christ’ for many doesn’t imply a message or teaching.
      Does that help?

  2. Charles Ellis permalink

    Dear Jonno,

    Here’s what I’m getting from the picture:
    -There is a group of people that are in some kind of ‘inner circle’, or separate group that is knit together (dotted circle), which have at their centre ‘The Word of Christ’. [Let’s call them “inner people”]
    -These inner people appear close and connected, with no apparent leader among them; they all appear equal in size and appearance.
    -The inner people are totally surrounded by a more disparate and unconnected group of people. [Let’s call them “outer people”]
    -The outer people seem somewhat alone, and are also individually surrounded by blackness. Are they trapped, or are they in the dark?
    -Stuff appears to flow out from the inner people (arrows). And stuff appears to flow in from the outer people (arrows).
    -God’s love and Grace seems to flow from the inner group to the outer group.
    -Do the outer and inner people remain segregated? Or is this intermingling?
    -I presume the arrows communicate movement of people from one group to another, or from one group amongst another.
    -Maybe you could put some inner people among the outer people, and vice versa? Unless you have a specific reason for them to be segregated?

    I hope the feedback helps.



    • Thanks Charlie, that is helpful feedback. My diagram maybe needs a bit more work!

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