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Subcontinental Celebration Day at Canterbury

by on October 8, 2011

We’re pretty excited about this!

One of the goals we’ve set for the rest of 2011 is to run at least one open day to celebrate cultures represented in Canterbury. We’ve met a lot of people from the Indian subcontinent: Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India (no Pakistanis so far…). So we’re kicking off with that part of the world.

Have a look at the poster: it’s going to be a pretty special day.

Why are we running this? Our aims are:

1. Get to work closely with people from those cultures: they’re all getting involved helping organise the day. They are our experts.

2. Create a profile for the church as open and accessible to that cultural group. What sort of church are we? Are we just for anglos? Nobody knows at the moment. After this event they will!

3. Build community in Canterbury, bringing people together to enjoy each other’s culture in a festive setting. This is an important community service in a suburb with very little community and no meeting places. We want to create understanding and trust and friendship between neighbours.

There’s going to be lots of foods to sample, live music and dance performances (all subcontinental of course), traditional clothes to try on and be photographed in, flags and other decorations. And who knows what else! All free of course.

We’re inviting the whole community. It’s the only time in the year we’ll do a letterbox drop.


For this event we need help.

1. With the letterbox drop. We want some manpower to help us cover most of Canterbury. Some time in the next 10 days or so.

2. With costs. The event will cost us around $550. That’s pretty cheap for something like this, most things are being provided free. But there are still things we need to pay for. For how to donate, go to the   Support an Outreach Project   page at the top of the home page. Or click on that link you just read.

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  1. is everyone really “sinvited”?

    • Ah yes good point imo.


      • Fixed!

  2. reedermb permalink

    Yes! So cool! Let us know how it goes!

    • We’ll be sure to

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