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What’s wrong with our music?

by on October 11, 2011

At Canterbury Community Church the music is nothing special. We generally just have a guitar, no bass, no drums, no keyboard. No rehearsals. We do two or three songs. There’s often just a dozen of us there, and the song leader is often the guitar player, and there’s no mic. So the place is not always rockin. Some of our members feel the lack. (I feel the lack!) One of them even occasionally visits other churches after we finish, just because she misses good music!

Sometimes I wonder why the music is so basic. Why don’t we make more effort? Then I remind myself: we’ve got limited manpower, limited time, and we want to do outreach. If someone has just two hours discretionary time on a Sunday, we’d prefer they spent it out in the community than inside the walls of the church rehearsing music. We don’t feel we can tie up say one third of our team for an hour or so on Sunday before our Gathering. That’s prime mission time.

So we put up with basic music, and we focus our efforts on outreach.

I’d like the music to be better. What do you think, are we getting this wrong?

I wonder how large the team will have to get before we feel it’s worth some people giving that time  for a music rehearsal?

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  1. Jon Baird permalink

    For what it’s worth, I think your focus is right. Singing (ie. people’s voices) is the main instrument… plus, it’s great for outreach… people (unbelievers) hardly ever sing in community (anything other than footy?), but Christians have the privelege to do it at least every week!

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