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Preparing for the Subcontinental Day

by on October 15, 2011

We’ve got fliers printed. Local friends are helping us letterbox drop them (can’t believe we’re letterbox dropping that’s so not us!). The school gave them out to all the parents for us.

We’ve got various SC people from Canterbury and beyond bringing food they’ve cooked.

We’ve got a bunch of SC people who’ ve agreed to perform songs and dances.

We’ve got people lending us traditional clothes for the day, for visitors to try on and have their photos taken.

We’ve got a camera/computer/printer/laminator operator, local Indian man.

We’ve got the jumping castle booked. Local castle man, giving us a very good deal (they come to the Playtime Cafe so we’re good friends).

We’ve got a couple of local SC ladies telling us what to do, and helping organise us. They’re great.

So it seems like things are on track!

Have we forgotten anything?

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  1. sam permalink

    Don’t forget to pray! 😉

  2. elise permalink


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