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Some life-changing words from our Archbishop

by on November 2, 2011

Here’s what our Archbish has at his Anglican Aid website. I thought it was inspiring…

Anglican Aid belongs to all Sydney Anglicans. Like you, we believe giving is all about passing on the generosity that God has shown to us in Jesus.

And we’ve found that when grace flows through regular Anglicans like you, great things can be done for disadvantaged people, here and overseas. (

Leaving aside the Anglican thing for the moment, I can’t think of a better way to describe how we can display the grace of God in Christ to our communities here in Sydney. ‘Passing on his generosity’ so that his grace ‘flows through us’ to disadvantaged people. That’s a beautiful picture of the gospel at work in our world. Imagine if that’s what Sydney saw when they looked at us churches. What a powerful way to convince Sydney about Jesus!

And its a call for us to be a giving people. God’s grace will be trusted and believed when people get a taste of it, through us. As the website summarises it so succintly: “Let Grace Flow”.

It’s that sort of vision we’re trying to cultivate for our church life here in Canterbury.

Imagine if this thinking could break out of Anglican Aid and Anglicare, etc, and take root in all our local churches!

Let Grace Flow!

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