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Lately in Canterbury

by on December 1, 2011

Well it’s been a while since we gave an update. Apologies!

The work hasn’t ground to a halt this month, I’ve just been slack about reporting it.

After our subcontinental day, we had a follow-up bbq ‘thankyou lunch’ for all the local people who’d helped run the day. It was a happy time: our team and about ten subcontinental friends from Canterbury.

Big news: another team member has managed to move close by. That makes more than half the team living pretty close now. We’re very happy about this, it makes local ministry so much doable! The team have been great about this issue. We’ve never made a big deal about it, but almost everyone on the team has thoughtfully considered whether they can move closer.

We have a new team member, Veronica, set to join us in January. Stay tuned for more about Veronica. I’ll just mention that she SPEAKS CANTONESE!!! Hooray!

We’ve been quietly going about our regular business of having neighbours over for meals, visiting people around Canterbury, etc. It’s very unglamorous, there’s nothing impressive for a blog post there, but it’s just building friendships and trust and love, which is what we’re on about.

One joy lately has been bringing neighbours together, people who’d lived 50 metres apart for the past few years without ever meeting, but now they meet at our place, and seeing them make friends, and their kids make friends, and everyone’s life is a bit better as a result.

Some of us are a bit over events after our last big one, but anyhow Christmas is upon us, and so a Community Carols night is coming up. Free BBQ dinner, then a fairly typical carol singing night. Should be fun! Hoping to see a few hundred people from the local area along.

Our Scripture class is set to perform the Christmas story at our Carols Night. The kids have been learning dramatic storytelling, and  are dead keen to try it out on an audience! We’re pretty excited too.

We spent about 90 minutes tonight trying to string up our big banner high up in front of the church building. Hmm, perhaps a bit adventurous.

We’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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