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Our Christmas Party

by on December 10, 2011

(I think i’ve figured out why I’m feeling reluctant to post lately – it’s because I’m fed up with never having photos of anything we do! Well, hardly ever. If anyone out there has a photographic gift and wants to serve Jesus with it, we’d love you to get involved, you could be team photographer!)

So anyway, we had our Christmas party last night. We (Elise and I) had invited a bunch of neighbours from around Canterbury, and or church guys. We expected many wouldn’t be able to come, but in the end most did. People aren’t so socially overloaded around here, the way they are in other parts of Sydney.

We spent the day shopping, cleaning, mowing, cooking and decorating. People gradually rocked up from six onwards. By seven dinner was ready, and there were about 40 of us in our backyard. Thank God for our backyard! And for good weather! Most people had brought something to share (we told them they didn’t need to!) and so the table was groaning with a large number of dishes and platters, from Italy, India, etc, as well as the usual nibblies and cheeses and stuff: plenty to eat! There was even a bottle of french champagne: very nice!

John B did a legend job on the BBQ, and several very efficient ladies organised food and plates and what to bring out when, and all that. Christian manned the coffee machine (‘Grimac’). I hardly did anything. It was great!

Our trampoline normally seems big, but with all the neighbourhood kids on it, we start to wonder if we should have got a bigger size!

Later there was disco dancing (courtesy of Nirosh), which the kids especially got into. There were plenty of torches to play with, and the kids didn’t seem to stop all night. I had to send some of them home, long after their parents had gone!

There was an extraordinary number of desserts: icecreams, pavlova, tiramisu, nougats, pandoro, pastries and pastizzi, cakes, slices, it was impossible to even try everything.

There wasn’t much structure to the night – I made a brief announcement welcoming everyone, and telling them why Christmas was a time we especially liked to celebrate. Then everyone just ate and talked and bounced all evening. They seemed pretty happy. It was great to swap stories about each others’ lives and how things are going. Feel like I know some of the neighbours better after last night.

Exhausted today, but glad to have had that time to deepen friendships around celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Now off to the school Christmas bbq… (deep breath)

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