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The Scripture kids rock!

by on December 15, 2011
Scripture assembly with the whole school

Scripture assembly was this morning. The kids were all there, eager, focussed, nervous, ready to perform. The whole school came to the assembly, and about five different scripture classes presented items. Ours was certainly the longest!

Our kids told the Christmas story from Matthew and Luke’s Gospels in sections. They had each memorised their section, and practised telling it dramatically  with actions and gestures. We had taught them how to project their voices.

The audience were gripped! I could mainly see the teachers from where I was ‘backstage’, and they were not keeping an eye on their kids. They were watching our kids with both eyes, couldn’t help it.

We were very proud of them, they were so focussed and serious about it.

The junior Scripture class sings Joy to the World

Some of the other classes did well also, the junior anglican class sang a rockin version of Joy to the World. We didn’t manage photos of our class, we were a bit busy at the time!

Praise God that the whole school got to hear the Christmas story. And that they heard it from their friends and fellow students.

Praise God that our Scripture class came off looking like a happening place to be!

Thanks so much for your prayers. We felt them!

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  1. Best ever!! This is a great story!

  2. reedermb permalink

    So cool!

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