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We made ladies cry…

by on December 25, 2011

We went carolling up and down Jeffrey St (our street) at most of the unit blocks. There were around 15 of us at first, and one guitar.

People came out onto their balconies to listen. Some came down and gave us kisses and handshakes. We liked that. Some of the old ladies cried, and told us they were so happy. A few people told us this was the best Christmas ever. Some of them insisted on giving us money. We felt a bit awkward about that, it wasn’t in the plan. Anyway, it’s all gone into the outreach pettycash tin, so no harm done.

Some came and sang along with us. One lady even joined the party and came carolling with us down the street!

We went down a couple of nearby streets, mainly to unit blocks. Then we headed up to brave the crowds at the Ashbury Christmas lights on Second St. There were hundreds of people everywhere up there. We sang carols on a couple of street corners, and got quite a crowd gathering around to listen.

On the way back we stopped to carol on a friend’s front lawn, and got invited in for Christmas refreshments – all twelve of us! That was a nice way to finish.

We finished up with supper at our house, lots of Christmas snacks, the highlight being a neighbours homemade Krugel. If you haven’t tried Krugel I feel sorry for you.

And everyone said, let’s do it again next year.

My throat is sore, my feet are a bit sore, my fingers are sore from playing guitar. It was a happy night!

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  1. Sophie Febery permalink

    Great to hear! I never understood why people did carolling but now I think I get it!

    • Oh, it was just lot of fun!

  2. annazhang permalink

    Fantastic!! Yay God 🙂

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