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Our year in Canterbury – the stats

by on December 27, 2011

How have things gone here this year, since we started up on Feb 6?

There are so many things we could say, really all the blog posts this year are the answer. But here are some numbers. We think numbers are important, and need to be reported in a disciplined and honest way. I’m using here the categories I posted recently, under The Only Stats that Matter.

1. How many ‘unchurched’ people have become involved in the church community in a significant way (spending regular time with a significant number of church members).

-15 at Playtime Cafe

-20 other neighbours and locals

Total: -35

2. How many ‘unchurched’ people have started to receive Christian instruction or take part in faith-focussed activities (attending services, bible studies, prayer groups etc). This is a subset of 1.

Total: 4

These people are now effectively part of the church, and professing faith in Christ. Since we started with 10 adults, that represents growth from mission of 40% for the year.

3. How many adults have been baptised.

None. Most of the people in 2. were baptised as infants.

4. How many cultures/nationalities are represented in the church?

Total: 4 and a half

We started with pretty much all Anglos. People told us it was ridiculous to start a multi-ethnic mission with a team of Anglos. Now we have Sri Lankan, Indian, Hungarian, and Chinese cultures or nationalities represented in the church. (I’m including Sri-Lankan and Indian as one and a half, since they are both ethnic Tamils).

ALSO, among the people from stat 1, above, there are:

Greek, Philipino, Ecuadoran, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, Lebanese, Nepali, Korean, Hungarian, Chinese, and Anglo

Total: 12 cultures/nationalities involved in the church community in a significant way.


Here are some other stats of interest:

  • Age range of the church:

when we started: 24-40 (plus children)

now: 23-60 (plus same children)

  • Growth through transfer: +3    This of course does not represent kingdom growth, but we’re very happy to have more missioners!
Do we need to say, all glory to God the Father of our Lord Jesus, through whom anything that has happened, has happened!

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