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The Good Creation

by on February 1, 2012

In our team meetings we’re looking at Genesis. Started last Sunday with chapter 1!
I asked the guys to think about the chorus that runs through the passage: ‘And it was good.’ What is good, I asked them, about the creation as it’s described in Genesis 1?

Here’s what they came up with:

  • It’s beautifully ordered and structured. Homes created, then creatures to live in those homes. Food, then things to eat the food. No longer a homogeneous mass of water.
  • following on from that, it’s diverse and complex and varied. Full of colours and shades. Diversity is good!
  • It’s full of life! And the life has within in the potential to create more life. So the whole creation has progression, forward movement, growth built into it.
  • It has leadership: rulers and ruled. The lights rule the day and night, then mankind governs the whole world. Leadership, government, is good! (Hard to believe, I know)
  • The whole thing is an expression of God’s mind, of his will. So there’s a beautiful relationship established between the creation and its creator, where it corresponds to  and fulfils his purpose.
  • It’s not God! The creation is something God can look at outside himself, and approve. We have the space for our own existence. We’re free to be ourselves (contrast pantheism where everything is God).
  • And because it’s a good expression of God’s purposes, it doesn’t have to try to be anything different from what it is (contrast Eastern religion).

It was a good study.

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