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Grimac is back!

by on February 9, 2012

You guys don’t know about this, I was too upset to talk about it. But our beautiful shiny Grimac espresso machine, my pride and joy, well it BROKE about a month ago. SOMEBODY left it switched on with no water in the boiler, and it popped a valve. That was at about Christmas time.

After an appropriate period of grieving, I took it to the repair shop.  And, to fastforward to the conclusion, today, finally, it was ready to pick up.

I hurried down there, a little anxious about our reunion. Would Grimac recognise me? Would it ever be the same as before, turning out glorious, creamy red-brown coffees in large quantities?

Anyway, I needn’t have worried. Grimac was its beautiful old self, sitting there demurely on the service centre floor. And the $300 bill somehow got knocked down to $90!

Haven’t tested it out yet, but i’m pretty confident all is well.  I could tell by the sparkle in its eye…

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